As your General Contractor, J2 Commercial Development will be the manager of your project, employed by you, the client, as we are responsible for the overall coordination of your project. J2 Commercial Development will assess any project that you, the client, brings to the table, and all of the documentation associated with that project; including architectural and MEP drawings. In the case of renovations, J2 Commercial Development, as your General Contractor, will do a site evaluation, which is required to get a better understanding of the overall scope of the project and exactly what it will entail.

As a trusted General Contractor for your most valuable assets, J2 Commercial Development will apply for all building permits, secure the property during the project, providing temporary utilities on site, manage personal onsite, demolish and dispose of construction waste, monitor schedules, and maintain records. As your General Contractor are also responsible for providing all of the material, labor, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project. J2 Commercial Development will only have the most experienced, specialized partners to perform the work.

Any of our current or previous clients will tell you that we are extremely detail-oriented, never wasting any time or materials. By adhering to our own high standards, and maintaining strong lines of communication, we are able to reduce or eliminate foreseeable challenges.

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