Dallas Commercial Construction Service Trends

Hello all and welcome back! It’s beginning to feel like Spring and we think this is the perfect time to share some of the commercial construction service trends we have identified at J2 Commercial Development. We think this is what will drive our work throughout the new few years. Please let us know if there is anything we may have missed!


The grocery sector has been keeping a steady pace in recent years, but it is definitely an area to watch this year. Amazon has big pockets and has started entering the arena. With new technology and services for shoppers, they will really have the potential to impact existing operations.  Many commercial construction companies are taking a “wait and see” approach as they evaluate how these new factors play out in the market. Some new grocery trends, such as curbside pickup and delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash have a real potential to change facility and infrastructure needs, which could result in an uptick in grocery construction and Tenant Improvement projects.

Today’s shoppers are becoming accustomed to having several stores available within a few miles and they frequently visit specific stores for specific items. Brands are now more aware of tuning their concepts and creating a customized in-store experience tailored to their audience. This helps drive remodeling and expansion projects as they add new in-store features and services to accomdate the new trends.


Traditional retailers continue to see an impact from e-commerce giants and there is an ongoing discussion about how physical stores or shopping centers will compete within the new dynamics of the market. Reatilers continue to shut their doors and new developers and operators are eager to create new and engaging experiences by adding restaurant entertainment concepts, arcades, or even putt-putt spaces into the mix.

We are also starting to see shopping center developers and owners allowing tenants that wouldn’t fit your traditional mall retail environment.  For example, you wouldn’t dare see a fitness center or medical office in a shopping center several years ago. But today, these businesses are viable options for filling mall retail space. As the nature of shopping centers evolve, commercial construction firms like J2 Commercial Development will stay busy reworking existing mall retail spaces for new purposes.


We expect the influx of medical office buildings will continue in the coming years. We can only hope this will include more ground-up construction using our Construction Management Services, as well as renovation of existing spaces using our General Contractor Services.

This construction activity has grown from increased demand in quality health care and the large amount of recent acquisition activity. We hope this drives rebranding through the medical office space and provides a healthy opportunity for our Commercial Construction Services.


Recent projects in senior living has been primarily focused on working with clients to update existing facilities, add new amenities and upgrade common areas to be more competitive with new senior housing options. However, we have started to see those client relationships grow into long-term partnerships as owners and operators allow us to help them balance the maintenance of their facility with renovations to match expectations of the local marketplace.

We are  looking forward to a busy year, with exciting opportunities ahead for clients new and old. Be sure to check back here at J2 Commercial Development throughout the year for the best commercial construction services and trends.

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